You Hit Me!

You Hit Me!

A mentally taxing puzzle game featuring action, logic, and interactive components is called You Hit Me! Each level's main objective is to either save another hero, save yourself so you can flee, or even beat a large number of foes who are trying to stop you. You are introduced to a variety of heroes, some of whom use swords, some bows, and some magic, depending on the type of function they play in this narrative. There are numerous levels in the game, and you can choose from a variety of luxurious and stunning skins. Can you locate the buried eggs? Come and give it a shot!

How to play

To interact with objects on the screen, attack targets, or jump, use your mouse or mobile finger to move them around.

Good luck, enjoy and have a lot of fun, we wish you all! Experience more of our fun games like Monkey Mart!

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