Magic Dash

Magic Dash

In the video game Magic Dash, a character by the name of Rubik lives in a fascinating universe filled with various geometric patterns. Our hero is an athlete who frequently competes in different obstacle sports, and he is a fairly well-known figure in his world. Yes, there were several world champions and our hero in the data match. But he only succeeded because he put in the long, grueling hours of training necessary to improve his agility and running speed. We'll be playing the game Magic Dash together today while you spend the day training with our hero. So, our hero will proceed to sprint along the golden road. There will be many traps and roadblocks in their path. They should all be jumping into our cube. You can control our hero to accomplish amazing acrobatics and other feats by clicking on the screen. The most important point is that, while losing the round, he avoided falling into several traps. The more distance you run, the faster you'll go and the more hurdles you'll come across. Try to gather various items along the road to get rewards in addition to game points. With these benefits, you'll be miles ahead of your intended course. The game Magic Dash is highly captivating, with lovely and intricate graphics and a clever storyline. You can play Magic Dash on our website and have fun controlling the cube.

How to play

Use arrow keys

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