Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

Join Geometry Dash free-online now! This horizontal, rhythm-based game is extremely fun for everyone who loves to jump and fly. You demonstrate to us in this game that you are capable of controlling not just one, but two characters. In this game, only those with quick reflexes can win. Are you confident that you possess the necessary skills to make it through the game's numerous, challenging levels?

Five video games in the Geometry Dash series were created by Swedish developer Robert Topala and released by RobTop Games. Geometry Dash is the main game. It is a rhythm-based platformer with 21 official levels and more than 40 million online user-made levels.

You play as a square in this game and must navigate some of Geometry Dash's most challenging obstacles. Your goal is to fly and jump through peril. Even though you'll be yelling in anger, you'll keep coming back for more.

Playing the horizontal rhythm game Geometry Dash is a lot of fun. It's all about music and mazes in this arcade game. To match the tempo of the music being played, jump or fly across the square. The game's levels become quicker as it goes along. It takes quick decision-making to prevent the square from collapsing. All that development will be lost if you miss a beat. Every level has a different soundtrack, and the game features some catchy beats. Tap the play button to launch Geometry Dash Lite in a web browser.

Get ready for a nearly insurmountable challenge in the Geometry Dash universe. Jump, soar, and flip your way through treacherous corridors and sharp obstacles to put your talents to the test. Why are you holding out? Now let's play it.

How to play

You can use a touchscreen, keyboard, mouse, or controller to play Geometry Dash. In order to complete a level, the player must get to the end of it by controlling the movement of their icon by pressing or holding it. The level begins over if the player crashes into an obstacle, with the exception of practice mode, where the user can set checkpoints to inspect or practice a level without actually finishing it. The in-game music's tempo and rhythm are crucial components of the experience, frequently in connection with one another.

Tips and Tricks

It's crucial to time your motions to the music's pulse if you want to be successful. Keep your cool; if you're not nervous, the game will go much more smoothly! Practice! You'll get better at the tiniest movements that let you go forward over time. Share your successes so that others might learn from them and from your own.


  • Rhythmic Action Platforming!
  • Numerous stages with distinctive soundtracks!
  • Use the level editor to create and distribute your own levels!
  • You can personalize your character by unlocking new icons and colors!
  • Work on honing your talents in practice mode!
  • Numerous accomplishments and awards 

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