Bobb World

Bobb World

Bobba, the adorable blue monster, is ravenous in Bobb World. He sets out today on his quest to gather as much food as he can. In Bobb's World, you will support him on this trip. The scene where your character will be displayed is displayed in front of you on the screen. You'll be able to direct the hero's activities with the joystick. At the site, he will need to advance while navigating numerous hazards and traps. The monster will need to gather food that is lying on the ground along the way. You will receive points for choosing her in the game Bobb's World. Your character might also come across other monsters that exist on this planet. He can choose to ignore them or destroy them by leaping on top.

How to play

Start the game by pressing the arrow keys and following the on-screen directions. Before you play, make sure you comprehend the rules and controls of the game by reading the instruction manual or watching the gameplay tutorial. Enjoy the contest!

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