XMAS Wheelie

XMAS Wheelie

Xmas Wheelie is a long-distance running game with cycling that features the holiday of Christmas. In this enjoyable online game with a Christmas theme, you get points for doing wheelies to try to increase your score. As you travel up and down the hill, your objective is to maintain control of the vehicle by driving the rear wheel for as long as possible. Obtaining coins will allow you to unlock new motorcycles and further stages. If you want to get all of the achievements, you need to complete all of the levels and find all of the hidden gifts. Please assist Santa in overcoming the obstacle of the wheel!

How to play

To play, either click or tap and hold on the wheel at any time.

There are many free and entertaining games on our website that are very much like Adam and Eve Go Xmas. This is a very captivating game that no one can avoid paying attention to. Get the game started! Have fun!

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