Pool Mania

Pool Mania

In Pool Mania, you have to possess every ball at the conclusion of each level. In this unusual game of pool, put your wits and abilities to the test. You can complete more difficult stages as you earn stars by gaining access to stronger triggers. Play snooker and gather each special muscle as you advance through the stages. Pool Mania has an arcade setting. It is simple to play, yet quite addictive. Additionally, it's entertaining to do when snoozing, awaiting the bus, or departing. Playing and attempting to earn a three-star rating will be enjoyable.

How to play

Toss the ball into the hole using your cues to get points and unlock stronger signals, so you can go ahead and hit those stronger signals. Use your cunning and skills to pass through the stages, but keep in mind that they will get harder as the game goes on.

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