Santa T Rex Run

Santa T Rex Run

Pixel runner Santa T-Rex Run was created as a tribute to Chrome Dino, a tiny browser arcade game included with Google Chrome. Play a T-Rex romping through the desert that is charming and cute. Time your dinosaur's jumps to dodge various hazards. How well can you perform?


Cute pixel graphics featuring a T Rex dinosaur.

A traditional grayscale setting with a prehistoric theme Jump over various cactus and trees.

Easy to learn but challenging to master

To keep you focused, the background occasionally speeds up and slows down.

A responsive design that supports full-screen viewing

How to play

Play a sweet and cuddly T-Rex scurrying across the dunes.

Try our website's entertaining and cost-free Adam and Eve Christmas - Snow game if you enjoy games like this one! I hope you win each and every game! Happy Holidays!

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