Tall Man Evolution

Tall Man Evolution

Prepare yourself for an exciting voyage with Tall Man Evolution! Your goal in this game is to assist your character in taking down enormous robots. At the start of the game, your hero will be seen standing at the start of the path, with a robot seen in the distance. Your character will begin jogging along the road and progressively pick up speed as soon as you push the start button. But the path ahead is paved with traps and difficulties that you must avoid in addition to making sure that your hero gets beyond force barriers that have a positive value, which will make him stronger and stronger. Ultimately, your character will engage in combat with the robot upon reaching the path's end. Making sure your hero is stronger than the robot is crucial to winning the game. Killing adversaries earns the player points in the game. Are you prepared to meet and overcome these challenges?

How to play

Slide to move.

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