Slant, a game from the arcade house, blends the suspense of a ball game with the strategic subtlety of a skill game. It is surprisingly addictive. As the game goes on, you'll take control of a ball that is rolling down a hill and come across spikes and obstructions that could endanger your path. But fear not—every threat presents a chance to get bonus points! You can avert certain death while spectators gasp at your spectacular near-miss with a simple flick of your wrist to modify the direction of your ball. Since the score system is meant to incentivize both bravery and survival, players will have plenty of chances to show off their strategic acumen.

Fans of fast-paced action should not miss Slant's difficult gameplay and artistic design. Unlike other arcade games on the market today, the game's advanced physics engine makes sure that every roll, bounce, and impact feels realistic. The controls are simple to use yet challenging; experienced users will find it challenging to become proficient.

How to play

Using the mouse

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