Dash Rocket

Dash Rocket

Jimi, in the video game Dash Rocket, decides to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot. He had always wanted to go into orbit around our planet and observe Earth from above, ever since he was a young child. He has an exam today, and if he does well, he will be allowed to take part in space missions. In Dash Rocket, we will assist you with this. We're going to take off from the rocket control room while seated. We must go off as far as we can. Throughout the flight, we will run into a wide variety of obstacles. It can just be random items flying in your direction. You must use the aircraft's keys and keep a close eye on the screen. Discard rockets, engage in aerobatics, and generally avoid interfering with barriers at all costs, as doing so will result in our hero's death.

How to play

Keyboard: Left/Right arrow keys, Mobile: Touch Left and Right

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