Stack Colors

Stack Colors

A great game of mouse skill and motion is called Stack Colors. The stickman and the tower will both change color as you aim to collect new and even bigger colors in this game as you pass through areas where their color changes. The track will have different colors at higher levels; stay away from them because striking them will result in game failure! As you reach the maximum speed boost, tap it quickly to gain more power. If you kick the tower with enough force to cause its components to advance a great distance, you will earn many more points.

How to play

By pressing and holding the left mouse button, you can use the mouse to make the stickman move to the left and right. You must gather colored lines on the track and stack them high in order to construct the tallest tower you can.

Nothing can stop you from giving this game a shot right away now that you have a solid understanding of its straightforward and entertaining principle. Check out some of our other games, like Dash Party, if you want. There will be something to suit your tastes, no doubt!

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