Color Road

Color Road

Your colored ball moves down the road slowly as the game of Color Road begins. You want to travel as far as you can. What is your method? Your dear buddies will have to make sure you can pick the appropriate way because each ball will have a distinctive hue. You can see how well you will do and how many more 3D guys games will be released for you to enjoy with all of your friends.

You must keep away from balls of different colors than your own. The problem in this game arises when the balls are no longer stationary in front of you and you are continuously changing colors. At first, it seems to be a pretty simple game. You will have to avoid rocks that could turn you a different hue. The UI of Color Road is harmonious and bright to give players a pleasant visual experience. The game is straightforward but hard.

How to play

To roll to the ball of the same color, use the arrow keys! Avert balls of various colors. Good fortune!

As you play this game, we hope that your brain will be challenged and strengthened, and that you will then continue to have fun with our everyday games like New Year Eve Cruise Party. It would be a shame if we didn't!

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