Monster School Challenge 2

Monster School Challenge 2


Welcome to Monster School Challenge 2, which is here to demonstrate to you once more how fantastic Minecraft Noob Games online are. This genre has become really popular in recent months, and we are absolutely certain that you will have an amazing time right now, just like you did the first time.

How to play

In reality, the game combines three minigames:

Press W to hop over barriers, pits, traps, and other hazards as Huggy chases Noob through the courses and avoids being grabbed by the ominous blue monster toy. 

Click to dodge TNT and other hazards as you go down the water slides, being careful not to deplete your health bar. 

As you progress through the level of hell using archery with Herobrine, use D to accelerate, W to jump, and the mouse to aim and fire arrows at Herobrine!

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