Words Detective Bank Heist

Words Detective Bank Heist

One of the most exciting word games available on our website is Words Detective Bank Heist. In this mystery game, you'll need to use your love of letters and your ability to put them together to form words in order to solve the case of the bank heist. The format is fairly similar to Wordle's; however, this one is more captivating. You'll learn the mystery and the plot in the style of a comic book, and for each board, you'll need to locate the words that go with it in order to see an image.

How to play

Use the mouse to click on the letters to form words. When the letters are placed correctly, they are blue; if they are required but are put in the incorrect location, they also turn blue.

Start playing right away, and afterward, explore the other fantastic games we'll be bringing to you, like Train Surfers! Every game is enjoyable!

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