Unblock Cube 3D

Unblock Cube 3D

Unblock Cube 3D is an intriguing new 3D logic and puzzle game online. Tap the blocks to make them fly away and go on to the next level by rotating the cube with your finger. You must play this very hard game carefully since the blocks can only move in one direction. by completing levels, earning rewards, and developing your intellect!

How to play

You must finish each level before the allocated time expires, or you will lose and have to restart from the beginning. To clear a level, simply tap it. To rotate a cube completely, swipe it around as much as you need to in order to swipe all of the cubes away.

With any luck, this game will provide a welcome mental challenge and help you become a better thinker, paving the way for you to enjoy our everyday games like Skydom Reforged. What a waste it would be not to!

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