KrisMas Mahjong

KrisMas Mahjong

Mahjong The Holiday edition of the well-known Mahjong game Kris Mahjong is called KrisMas. In this logic exercise, the player must draw a line connecting the corresponding Christmas symbols that makes no more than two perpendicular twists. The tiles in the initial levels will be fixed. Later stages, however, add the ability for the tiles to slide up, down, or left, right, to fill in the spaces left by the tiles you removed. Each level has a time limit, and the further you advance, the quicker the time will expire. But matching tiles will extend your playing time by a small amount by adding time to the clock.

How to play

Use a mouse.

Given that you now understand how to play the game, get ready to give it your all. You won't miss out on any of our other games like Giant Rush, so have the finest time possible while you wait for more thrilling events to occur.

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