Reckless Tetriz

Reckless Tetriz

The tetris-like gameplay of Reckless Tetriz is included in an arcade-style 2D puzzle game. In Reckless Tetris, you'll find a Tetris that sticks to your brain, and that's because, if you don't make a deadly mistake, you can play it for hours on end. To finish the lines, arrange stacks of various shapes to fit into the available receptacles. This is a basic block puzzle game in which the goal is to fill in empty spaces with stacks of various types. If there is less open area, there will be less time for quick moves in Reckless Tetriz.

How to play

The blocks can be shifted with the left, right, and down arrow keys. To flip the blocks, press the "up" arrow key. If you like, you can also use your finger to touch the buttons or your mouse to click them.

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