Quiz - Guess the flag

Quiz - Guess the flag

You will learn more than 200 flags of various nations throughout the world as you play the game in Quiz: Guess The Flags, which requires you to determine which country's flag is displayed in the photo. It can be difficult to identify the 200 most renowned flags in the world. The only difference between the two flags is a tiny variation in the hues of the blue, yellow, and red stripes. Another difficult matchup is between Senegal and Mali. Both nations' flags are identical, but Senegal's features a green star in the middle.

Both adults and children can play the game to learn the game of chess. This checkerboard game is excellent for assisting you in recognizing those visual variations. An interesting geo-support tool like this will be the finest tool for enhancing your knowledge of the world flags because there are so many flags to learn.

How to play

The flag image first appears, followed by four buttons, one of which has the proper nation name; your duty is to select it.

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