Pajama Party

Pajama Party


The Pajama Party in the Barbie Games category is one of our website's girls' game categories that will never go out of style, and right now we're happy to have returned. Of course, we're not doing it empty-handed; instead, we're bringing you the brand-new and fantastic game called Barbie Pajama Party, a must-play game if you want to remember what it was like to host pajama parties with the girls!

How to play

In the game's opening scene, you prepare your makeup. She should apply cream to her cheeks, some around her eyes and mouth, rinse her face with a spray bottle, and then pat a towel over it to dry it. 

In the game's dress-up mode, you can choose a hairdo, the cutest pair of pajamas, an eye mask, and cozy house slippers after first choosing a hairstyle and pajamas.

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