Stylish Crop Top Trends

Stylish Crop Top Trends

Stylish Crop Top Trends asserts that fashion is continuously changing and that new trends frequently come as a surprise, like with the most recent advancement in women's fashion. The second type of top is a crop top, which is a shirt, blouse, or other top that is cut short at the bottom to expose more of the wearer's belly.
Support the Rainbow Girls as they attempt to adopt this style into their wardrobe in this makeover and dress-up game after falling in love with it right away.

How to play

You begin by donning makeup on all three of the women. You decide on the eye color, blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick you want to wear.
The game then transitions to the dressing phase, where you can pick the crop top you prefer and the bottom half of your costume from a selection of skirts, shorts, or pants. At this stage, you could even put the girls in some leggings.

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