Metal Army War 3

Metal Army War 3

We're not at all surprised that Metal Army War 3 exists given that the first two games in the series were so favorably received. When a fresh wave of adversaries, including attack shuttles, AI robots, and even drones, descends to Earth to destroy it, our heroes are on vacation.

Gather metal things from the various levels and use them to purchase better equipment, upgrades, and weapons from the market. Again, defeating these foes, avoiding their traps, and rescuing the hostages they have kidnapped can only be done through teamwork.

How to play

  • Player 1: Use the WASD keys to navigate around and leap. You can also hit with the C key and hurl grenades with the V key.
  • Player 2: Arrows for movement and jumping, L for hitting, K for grenading, OP for changing weapons, O+P for a special attack, and J for reloading.

You must already be familiar with every aspect of this game, at which point you ought to be prepared to play. Enjoy yourselves since it is only possible here! Find more games like Color Tunnel! Enjoy the game!

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