Jack O Gunner

Jack O Gunner


It is Halloween, so adding a new game to our website, such as Jack O Gunner, was a no-brainer. That is why our staff is happy that at this very moment we can offer you this great new 3D action game, which features shooting, skeletons, and a lot of other fun stuff! This is a no-cost game that can be played at Geometry Dash.

You will don a costume with a Jack-O'-Lantern head and take on the role of a shooter. The objective of the game is for you to live for as many days as possible, with the condition that you can only survive a day once you have eliminated all of the skeletons that attempt to harm you on that day.

How to play

To accomplish this, use the mouse to navigate the environment by dragging it in the desired direction while moving around. Your character will automatically fire at the skeletons when they get close to you.

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