Impossible Box Rush

Impossible Box Rush

Here at Impossible Box Rush, welcome. In this case, the box must be moved to the endpoint aloneox must be moved to the endpoint alone. a game with lots of interaction and action. There are many things here that will ruin you. There are 30 levels in "Impossible Box Rush." Play now and savor the excitement. Don't forget to earn 3 stars on each level as well. To succeed in this game, which consists of thirty stages, each of which is harder than the last, thought and action must be combined.

How to play

Each level involves controlling a box that you can move around the screen or push using the arrow keys. You have to finish it by the end of the course, so you have to dodge the several traps that have been set up in your path because if you fall into one of them, you lose that level.

As you play this game, we hope that your brain will be challenged and strengthened, enabling you to enjoy our other everyday games like Sausage Run even more. It would be unfortunate if you didn't!

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