Get Ready With Me Summer Picnic

Get Ready With Me Summer Picnic


Get Ready With Me Summer Picnic is a brand-new makeup and dress-up game for girls that our administrative team has invited you all to play. Four girls from Rainbow School are getting together for a picnic, and you will need to make sure that each of them looks stunning from head to toe! We make sure to never let you down when it comes to the brand-new makeup and dress-up games for girls that we bring over to our website as frequently as we can!

How to play

The three cosmetics you can apply to the females during the makeup stage are lipstick, blush, and eye shadow; you can select the colors you like best and, if you'd like, the eye color tone as well.

Only then does the "dress-up" portion begin, where you can choose the girls' attire, haircut, picnic bag, and jewelry by utilizing the panel adjacent to them.

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