Geometry Dash Input Code

Geometry Dash Input Code

Geometry Dash Input Code is an Insane Demon level by Rockwizard5 rated 10 stars. You must be knowledgeable about geography in order to succeed in this game. To learn the map by heart, give yourself permission to attempt and fail. Some bricks can jump by themselves, while others defy gravity. In order to win the game as a whole, you must first master each component individually.

How to play

  • Using the yellow hoops as a jumping platform, press [up]. [w] [space]
  • Be careful around the game's spikes.
  • Hold down the button to fly up in ship mode, then release it to fly down.
  • Using a yellow pad, you can jump high.
  • Click a blue pad to jump higher.
  • To earn bonus points, let's gather coins.
  • You press to change the impact.

You can start your own play space at Geometry Dash HASTE if you enjoy this engrossing space game there!


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