Geometry Dash HASTE

Geometry Dash HASTE

Geometry Dash HASTE by xenoremu/xenots GD is a harder level rated at 6 stars. This game always has a strong connection between the level design and the music. For each of your dance moves, pay close attention to the music and follow the cues. It's inevitable that you'll have to hit the play button a hundred times or more for this song to become permanently ingrained in your memory.

How to play

  • Jump on the yellow hoops by pressing [up] [w] [space].
  • Steer clear of the gruesome thorns.
  • hold to fly up in ship mode, release to fly down.
  • Jump high by pushing the yellow pad.
  • Jump higher by pressing the blue pad.
  • Gathering coins will earn us many bonus points.
  • Toggle the effect on by pressing L.

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