Geometry Dash Indigo

Geometry Dash Indigo

Geometry Dash Indigo is an Epic Harder level rated 6 stars by ScorchVx. You must be familiar with the geography to succeed in this game. To help you remember the map, give yourself permission to attempt it and fail. Some bricks can jump on their own, while others defy gravity. To win the entire game, you must first master each component individually.

How to play

  • Press [up] to leap and jump on the yellow hoops. [w] [space]
  • During the game, stay away from the spikes.
  • Hold down to fly up in ship mode, and release to fly down.
  • The yellow pad is pressed to jump high.
  • Simply press a blue pad to jump higher.
  • Gather coins to earn bonus points.
  • The effect can be changed by pressing

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