Geometry Dash Glare of Light

Geometry Dash Glare of Light

Geometry Dash Glare of Light is an Epic Insane Level by Nexender and ItzMezzo rated 8 stars. Fast-paced action begins right at the start of the game. Those same impediments remain in the same spot up ahead. However, doing it safely is not simple; a single slip-up will send you back to square one. Because everyone appears to be participating in a highly serious exam in Geometry Dash, there is no respawn feature to allow you to continue playing. A high-flying, rhythmic icon that may be controlled by tapping or holding the screen.

How to play

  • The yellow hoops can be jumped on by pressing [up] [w] [space] or clicking.
  • Take care to avoid any in-game mutations.
  • In ship mode, pressing and holding the up arrow will cause you to ascend, while pressing and releasing the down arrow will cause you to descend.
  • Get as many coins as you can to earn more points.
  • In order to activate or deactivate the effect, press the letter L (to reduce the delay).

Become an unbeatable pro in our series of Geometry Dash games, starting with Geometry Dash Big Bang. I wish you the best of luck. Play this game with a smile on your face.

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