Geometry Dash Aberrant

Geometry Dash Aberrant

Geometry Dash Aberrant by Hydren is a harder level rated 6 stars and 3 user coins. Understanding the geography is crucial to winning this game. Give yourself permission to try and fail so you can learn the map. While certain bricks are anti-gravity, others instantly jump. You must master each component individually before combining them to win the game as a whole.

How to play

  • On the yellow hoops, press [up] to jump. [w] [space]
  • Steer clear of the game's spikes.
  • Holding down causes the ship to fly up, and releasing causes it to fly down.
  • You push a yellow pad to jump high.
  • Press the blue pad to jump higher.
  • Let's gather coins so we may earn bonus points.
  • You press to alter the impact.

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