Geometry Dash Big Bang

Geometry Dash Big Bang

Boom! Credit to Griffpatch for the original GD v1.5 project. Geometry Dash Big Bang by The Almighty Wave/Wav is an Epic Medium Demon level rated 10 stars. An endless runner game with few controls and zero cost to play. Guide a jovial square across perilous traps and obstacles. Use time jumps to avoid spikes and prolong your game. Because of a blunder or miscalculation, you came dangerously close to dying, and now you have to begin over. The task is deceptively complex, despite appearances to the contrary. It will take time and effort to develop the proper flair. However, it's always worthwhile to set and attain new personal goals.

How to play

  • The player can leap by pressing [up] [w] [space] or clicking, and then jump through the yellow hoops.
  • Don't get mutated in the game.
  • When in ship mode, pressing and holding the up arrow causes the player to ascend, while pressing and releasing the down arrow causes the player to descend.
  • Players press L to activate the effect and earn bonus points for collecting coins.

Try out more of our Dash games, like the Geometry Dash Acquiesce game, for some serious fun. In short, you won't be disappointed by this game. I hope you enjoy your game time.

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