Geometry Dash Arcade Punk

Geometry Dash Arcade Punk

A middle-level demon with a rating of 10 stars and 3 user coins is Geometry Dash Arcade Punk. This game is ideal for you if you enjoy playing challenging, fast-paced games. Your goal in this game is to finish every level and go to the portal at the conclusion of each level. The controls are relatively easy to use despite the game's moderate difficulty. Playing this game only requires a mouse. Your character starts moving automatically as soon as the game begins. Anytime you notice an impediment in your path, all you must do in order to hop over it is click the left mouse button.

How to play

  • To leap and land on yellow rings, press [up] [w] [space] or click. 
  • Observe the spikes! 
  • Hold to fly up in ship mode, then release to fly down. 
  • Jump high by striking a yellow pad. 
  • To jump higher, hit a blue pad (missing a gravity portal). 
  • Gather the coins to earn bonus points. 
  • Toggle effects by pressing L. (to reduce lag)

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