Geometry Dash the tombstones

Geometry Dash the tombstones

Geometry Dash the tombstones, rated 7 stars and 1 user coin by FreakyLibya, furaipan, Realjpaulinho, jamaicazoo, ZWK, DevilBlade89, Evenslash, sounex, Interstellar CA, and itsromasia, is a challenging level. Get ready for a game that will be unlike anything you have ever played. In order to win, you are about to take control of a geometric character and traverse perilous terrain. Are you prepared to accept the challenge and deal with the challenges this game has in store for you?

How to play

  • Jump and land on yellow rings by clicking or pressing [up] [w] [space]. 
  • Skip the spikes. 
  • In the ship mode, squeeze to fly higher and release to fly lower. 
  • To jump high, strike a yellow pad. 
  • Jump higher by striking a blue pad (missing a gravity portal). 
  • Collect the coins to earn extra points. 
  • Toggle effects with L. (to reduce lag)

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