Cool Archer

Cool Archer


Interested in becoming a Cool Archer? You can if you give this game a try right now. We're excited to introduce you to this amazing new skill game and 3D archery game, both of which we think are very cool. After you select a name for the game, you are given a PIN number, which you should memorize or write down so that you can later use it.

Why? Your arrow-shooting prowess will then be compared against gamers everywhere in a ranking system, and we hope to see our website's players rise to the top!

How to play

Release the mouse button after dragging it until the cursor is pointing in the general direction of your intended target. Ideally, you'll have the skill to strike the target; the closer you hit the center, the more points you'll receive. If you miss, you are given another opportunity to shoot so that you may keep improving as an archer.

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