Friday Night Funki Noob

Friday Night Funki Noob

With his most recent mod, Noob has invaded the Friday Funkin' Game world. On at least 12 tracks, you can sing along with him. It's nice that you'll only be separated from your lover for a short while, so we think you'll enjoy yourselves together.

How to play

When the arrow key floats up, you must precisely push the arrow keys to hit the note when it coincides with the note at the top. You must do this until the song's conclusion in order to win. The following week will then be unlocked, and each new week will, of course, include a brand-new song for your enjoyment.
Avoid skipping consecutive notes too frequently because doing so may cause the progress gauge to tilt too far in your opponent's favor and result in a loss. We continue to wish you prosperity and good fortune!

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