Geometry Dash 2.0

Geometry Dash 2.0

This time we have the pleasure to enter to the world of Geometry Dash, an interesting game title that will take us through different types of scenarios full of geometric obstacles.
For starters, we should mention that each user will have the ability to edit the aesthetic characteristics of his own character, respecting shapes, designs accompany us at every moment through the adventure. For its part, and within each stage, live exciting journeys where our concentration and skill at dodging obstacles will be very important.

Geometry Dash
It is remarkable at first instance that Geometry Dash 2.0 is a game suitable for all ages, this is due to the simplicity presented in their controls. Thus, today, both children and adults have the opportunity to enjoy an unprecedented adventure.
Geometry Dash doesn’t really present a very striking visual detail, focusing all its appeal in the fast and furious journey that live within each scenario. Our character will be obstacles in the most varied, so our attention will be vital.
There are other interesting options offered by this title, if we enable the option to visually edit our character, we will also be allowed the creation of our own scenarios. This is a great option to challenge friends and see who has more skill in Geometry Dash!!
This game on your part will give us a truly striking soundtrack, with different Tracks to enjoy along each scenario. In turn, and as the user goes beyond levels and obstacles, new tracks can be unlockeed as well as scenarios.
Geometry Dash, a game that you can enjoy wherever you are, from your computer at home or your mobile device anywhere!

Geometric Dash or Geometry Dash Lite for free can be found:

Geometry Dash PC

Geometry Dash PC

Geometry Dash is a very popular game today, which has million downloads on the iOS app stores of Apple, iTunes, and as well in Google Play store where you can download it for  Android operating system. That is why those who want to enjoy this game and don’t have a supported mobile devices should play it in the PC version.

Geometry Dash for PC does not exist officially, but can be operated via an emulator for Android that will allow to spread the Lite or free version of this game smoothly on a team with the Windows operating system, something truly positive for those who do not want to miss this wonderful game.


Geometry Dash for PC

Note that when you use this method to download Geometry Dash for PC you will not be able to keep the points, and the progress we have made since our mobile in this game, so you have to start from scratch to thereby achieve progress in different levels of this game truly entertaining adventures.

The first thing we have to do to avail this game from a PC is the download of Geometry Dash Lite in its free version, which is published in the Google Play store, so we have to make use of Google account to thereby obtain the file in question.

The second and last thing to do is get Android emulator for Windows, we recommend using BlueStacks App Player, which work effectively and its one of the most recommended and currently known free emulators, which offers an easy interface to manipulate, something that will be of great help to flush Geometry Dash on a PC.

Geometric Dash or Geometry Dash Lite for free can be found:

Geometry Dash Online

Geometry Dash Online

geometry dash online

The best game of the moment is Geometry Dash. In Geometry Dash we go moving around a square jumping as we progress along the way. The main objective of Geometry Dash is that we do not give peaks because if these peaks fall on us, our adventure in Geometry Dash is complete and we restart our adventure in Geometry Dash.


So we move on Geometry Dash find that the difficulty level is increased and have to start jumping continuously to stay alive in Geometry Dash. Remember that the most important for survival in Geometry Dash is that no peaks crush us so we must be attentive to jump and fall we must be careful not to fall on top of a peak.

Download Geometry Dash is easy. Geometry Dash is available for download for PC, Android, Iphone, Tablet, Ipad, etc … if you want to play Geometry Geometry Dash Dash I recommend you download first.

Geometric Dash or Geometry Dash Lite for free can be found:

Geometry Dash 2

Everything about Geometry Dash 2



Of course you know the name of this amazing game, as all your friends talk about it! Geometry Dash is one of the most 2015 games! Would you like to know everything about this amazing app? Read on to find out all the interesting details you need to know to become a Geometry Dash expert! Do you want to enjoy it on your phone or your tablet? Don’t wait any longer! Download Geometry Dash from the App Store or Google Play right now!

Geometry Dash: the beginning

Would you like to know the name of the creator of Geometry Dash? Then learn it by heart! Robert Topala (RobTop) is the one! Don’t forget to remember that you can enjoy this amazing app since August 2013!

Geometry Dash: what platforms are compatible?

Of course you want to enjoy this amazing game on your phone, your tablet and even on your computer, but is it compatible? Don’t worry! Geometry Dash is a multi-platform game compatible with a lot of platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, OS X and Microsoft Windows. Do you want to download it? Get it from Google Play, the App Store, Windows App Store, Amazon Store or Steam!

Geometry Dash: how does it work?

Maybe you’re already an expert playing this exciting game, but anyway we’re going to explain how it works. To play Geometry Dash you only have to tap on the screen in order to avoid all the obstacles of this two dimensions game. This seems very easy, doesn’t it? But it’s not always that easy! Rhythm and anticipation to difficulties on your mind as the key points!

Geometry Dash: extras

Apart from this funny app, you can also download the level editor and create your own levels. What about sharing them with the rest of the community? Amazing! Do you like the music of Geometry Dash? As you might know, music is a great tool in order to remember the different steps of the game. Would you like to have it and enjoy it whenever you want? Geometry Dash MP3 are also available!

Geometry Dash: levels

Is this a difficult game? Is it easy? Do you dare to play the 18 levels of the full version of Geometry Dash and find out the answers? You have two blocked levels! Get the secret coins to unblock them! The lite version has only 8 levels!


Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a mobile game developed by a Swede Robert Topala. The objectif is to jump, fly and flip with the little cube over all obstacles, which can be sometimes not as easy as it seems. The player is supposed to have a good timing and good reflection skills, in order to succeed. The running game offers 18 levels in total with a specific background music in each of the levels. Although, the game is very simple to learn to play, with simple mechanics, you are facing to an extremely difficult challenge.


Geometry Dash Online Generator – Presentation

A problem, most people are having when playing, is the small amount of main resources – coins and stars. Players are able to spend the whole day in order to earn enough coins and stars. However, to advance in the game is not a difficult task at all! At least no with our Online Generator. Let me introduce our new online hack for Geometry Dash.

How it works?

The generator was coded in C++ and some SQL injection. At the beginning, it is good to say, we put all our effort to make the tool very comfortable to use. The easy interference let the player generate his coins and stars online in a few seconds. Moreover, after lots of users requests, we enriched the hack by some high quality features like „Unlock all icons“ or „All Levels 100%“. Anti-ban script make this tool unique on the world market. Players using it are 100% safe and undetectable.

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash Hack Features :

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How to use it?

To generated the resources you wish, you don’t need to have any programming skills or any special experience with computers. The simple and clear design makes the tool unique. On top, you fill the column with your nickname and then you just choose the desired amount of coins and stars. If you prefer having unlock all icons and to have all levels 100%, just check the features at the bottom of the hack. If you are happy with its use, we will be very happy for your feedback, which is possible to write in the comments bellow.
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Download Geometry dash Generator 2016

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Download Geometry Dash lite Download

Play the game harder of Geometry Dash Lite where you have to achieve your goals until the final game

Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer!”Frustratingly wonderful” Push your skills to the limit as you jump, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles.Simple one touch game play that will keep you entertained for hours!Check out the full version for new levels, soundtracks, achievements, online level editor and much much more!

Game Features

  • Rhythm-based Action Platforming!
  • Unlock new icons and colors to customize your character!
  • Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more!
  • Use practice mode to sharpen your skills!
  • iPhone 6 widescreen support!
  • Challenge yourself with the near impossible

Download and Install  Geometry Dash Lite :

  1. Geometry Dash lite For IOS Download and install
  2. Geometry Dash lite For Android Download and Install
  3. Download and install Geometry Dash lite For Pc
  4. dash lite Hack Download

Latest Updates

What’s new in version 2.1

  •  New level “Jumper”!
  •  New Achievements and rewards!
  • Bugfixes and tweaks.

Best Websites Reviews :

Kotaku“Geometry Dash provides all of the challenge expected from an impossible game while also making it more accessible to newcomers.

148Apps Geometry Dash is a fast-paced platformer that will leave you screaming in frustration, but youll keep coming back for more. AppAdvicePrepare for a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash lite .

Game Objective: You must go through levels by jumping and flying in a world created with geometric shapes.
How to Play: You must avoid all obstacles to prevent loss of life, in this case, you must start over.
Graphics: They have very good quality; the designs are very simple but correspond to the geometric aesthetic of the game.
Sound: Well designed; sound effects manage to perfectly create a futuristic atmosphere.
Interface language: English.