Square rush

Square rush

We would like to introduce the game Square Crush to you today. The writer's development organization made the decision to transport you to a fascinating society where math enthusiasts live. Their entire behavior and everything else is influenced by this intriguing science. To determine which among these people is the finest and sharpest, competitions are held frequently in various places throughout the world. We'll take part in one of these competitions today. The playing area is divided into two sections and is visible to us on the screen. The center press is visible at the top. It can drop at a set pace and is hydraulic. The box will be circled at the bottom of the line. He moves in various directions and at various rates. It is our responsibility to determine its velocity and trajectory before pressing the latch. When you're ready to take action, simply tap Fall on the screen. You lose the round if you miss and don't reach the square. Therefore, all you need to do to succeed is land on the squares. The intriguing game Square Crush improves your decision-making, reflexivity, and response time. We are confident that you will enjoy playing it for a while. Visit our website and launch Square Crush to play this fun game.

How to play

To veer left or right, press the left and right buttons.

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