Penguin Diner 2

Penguin Diner 2

The penguin eatery must be sold in order to earn money in each level of Penguin Diner 2. You must put in a lot of effort because it will get harder to accomplish the goal as you advance to higher levels. You lose and have to start over if you fail.

To get the money, you must try numerous times. Customers don't wait, so you need to make sure you gather enough money and be careful not to lose any. Make every effort to stand on the podium with the top athletes, since nobody else can demonstrate your abilities to the world.

How to play

In order to move the restaurant, collect customer orders, walk to the kitchen to get food and drink, and then deliver it to customers, all you need is a mouse in this game. You must exercise extreme caution because you only have a short window of time to gather all the coins, and if you can't, the game will have to restart.

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