Om Nom Bounce

Om Nom Bounce


Om Nom Bounce is the ideal addition to our website to make us fall in love with Om Nom Games online all over again. Om Nom Games is the umbrella brand for the Cut the Rope Games series and all of its numerous sequels and spin-offs, and right now you're going to have a completely different experience through bouncing, which will test out your puzzle-solving abilities in a brand-new way.

How to play

The more projectiles you fire from the board, the more you can catch them and employ them in your attacks, increasing the number of strikes you score. Given that each bullet has a power value of 100, the number on each spider indicates how many times they must be hit. This information is broken down into hundreds. The waves of enemy spiders in each new level will be more challenging for you to beat, but you must get through them all to free your pals, so make sure you succeed!

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