Geometry Dash Xanadu

Geometry Dash Xanadu

Geometry Dash Xanadu is an Epic Easy Demon Level with a rating of 10 stars and 1 user coin.  Prepare to play a game unlike anything you've ever seen before. You are ready to take control of a geometric figure and travel through scary places in order to win. Are you up for the task and the hardships that await you in this game? 

How to play

[Up] press 

To jump, use [w] [space] or click, and jump on yellow rings.

Stay away from the spikes.

Hold to fly up and press to fly down in ship mode.

Jump high by hitting a yellow pad.

Hit a blue pad to get a higher jump (missing a gravity portal)

Collect the coins to earn bonus points.

Toggle effects by pressing L. (to reduce lag)

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