Geometry Dash Utopia Dash

Geometry Dash Utopia Dash

In the game "Geometry Dash Utopia Dash," A cube stage opens the level. The player starts out by just jumping over the spikes, but as the level progresses, walls, half-blocks, spikes, and trempolines arise. We must pay close attention to the jumps. The ball phase then starts after a brief lull. In this area, the player must jump between walls while navigating spikes on either side. Additionally, the walls are not always smooth; in some places, spikes are present, and you must jump over them. Sometimes there are spikes on the walls.

The training phase has now started. On it, you must maneuver around the spiked, block-built slides. Gravity shifts over time. The player must now hop over saws and tiny spikes on a small cube stage. Many of the trampolines and spheres that are used are fake. Now that we're in the ball phase, the player rolls along the platforms, which have little spikes on the edges of them. Orbs and portals often move through the spikes on the surface, and you need to jump on the wall as well.

How to play

There is a little cube stage where players can jump on pylons to change gravity after navigating the orbs. The difficulty then rises, and at the end, you must hop over the spikes on the blocks. Press (up), (w), (space), (ctrl), (shift), etc. or use the mouse to jump and land on yellow rings. 

Observe the spikes! 

Hold to fly up in ship mode, then release to fly down. 

Jump high by striking a yellow pad. 

To jump higher, hit a blue pad (missing a gravity portal). 

Gather the coins to earn bonus points. 

Toggle effects by pressing L. (to reduce lag) 

To change the background, press B. (Can also reduce lag)

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