Geometry Dash Red Sun

Geometry Dash Red Sun


Mr. Lee's "Geometry Dash Red Sun" is a challenging Demon stage. For the serious gamer, this is one of the most engaging games available on our site. Live, ad-free, streaming access is available on my website, as well. So, why are you stalling? I'll wait while you play.

How to play

Squeeze [up] Keyboard shortcuts: [w] [space] [ctrl] Jump by pressing shift or clicking, and avoid missing the yellow rings. 

Take care to avoid the spikes. 

To move up and down while in ship mode, press and hold. 

If you want to make a big leap, hit the yellow pad. 

The higher you jump when you hit the blue pad (missing a gravity portal), the 

Gather the coins for extra credit. 

Toggle effects with a press of L. (to reduce lag) 

Toggle the backdrop with the letter B. (Can also help with lag).

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