Geometry Dash Not a Phobia

Geometry Dash Not a Phobia

Geometry Dash Not a Phobia is an Epic Easy Demon level by EnZore rated 10 stars. In this game, you will be able to accomplish anything with just one click. You will take control of a square character that you will guide continuously through a series of stages in the tradition of traditional platform games. Along the route, you will come across a multitude of challenges, including falls, jumps, and traps. On this voyage, timing and rhythm will be extremely important.

How to play

  • JUMP - Holding down the Control key while pressing Space, W, Up, Ctrl, or Jump.
  • PAUSE: [P] is to pause.
  • LAG: Press [L] to turn the special effects on and off.
  • Restart: [Green Flag]

On our website, you can participate in a number of different music-based Geometry Dash video games, such as Geometry Dash Space. I hope you are successful in this game! Have fun at this joyful time!


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