Geometry Dash No Limits

Geometry Dash No Limits

Geometry Dash No Limits by TheCheeseNugget/Voxicat is an Epic Insane Level rated 9 stars and 3 user coins. This game is going to be completely different from anything you've ever played. In this game, you'll guide a geometric protagonist through perilous territories under your command. Are you up for the task of playing this game and all its inherent difficulties?

How to play

  • Jump by pressing [up] [w] [space] or clicking, and be sure you land on the yellow circles. 
  • Look out for the spikes! 
  • If you're in ship mode, holding down the button will cause you to ascend, and releasing it will cause you to descend. 
  • You can make a huge leap if you press the yellow pad. 
  • The higher you jump when you hit the blue pad  (missing a gravity portal). 
  • Those coins are worth extra credit, so go ahead and grab them. 
  • You can control the effects by pressing L (to reduce lag).

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