Geometry Dash Meltdown

Geometry Dash Meltdown


In Geometry Dash Meltdown, a brand-new Geometry Dash adventure awaits you, and it will be more challenging and filled with monsters, spikes, and obstacles than you could have imagined. Work your clicky fingers as you maneuver through the dangerous caves loaded with sharp obstructions. The F-777 had three tiers. Shoot off rockets to defy gravity! There are many fun things to do. To gain a better understanding of your skills, use the practice mode. Then, push yourself with harder assignments. Get special Meltdown symbols so you can use the colors you acquire to paint your face whatever you like. 

Get ready for a brand-new Geometry Dash adventure that has more spikes and monsters than you could ever imagine! As you jump, fly, and flip your way over thorny barriers and dark dungeons, flex your clicky fingers.


Rhythmic Action Platforming!

Three distinct levels accompanied by F-777 music!

Unlock special Meltdown icons and hues to make your persona stand out! 

Launch rockets, defy gravity, and more! 

Practice mode can help you improve! 

Strive for the nearly insurmountable!

When you combine techno, dubstep, spikes, and a rainbow, what do you get? Geometry Dash provides the solution.

How to play

To navigate the obstacles, use the up arrow key, space, or left click.

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