Geometry Dash Luma

Geometry Dash Luma


This user-created level, titled "Geometry Dash Luma," is an Epic Medium Demon Level with a rating of 10 stars and 1 user coin. Dash Games is where you'll find this game's free playable version. Stop stalling and start playing right now! I hope you enjoy yourself!

How to play

To leap and to hop on yellow rings, press [up] [w] [space] or click. 

Steer clear of the jagged edges. 

In ship mode, you can move up and down by holding and letting go of the controls. 

In order to make a significant leap, you must press a yellow pad. 

To increase your leap height, press the blue pad (missing a gravity portal). 

Accumulate the coins for more credit. 

Toggle effects with a press of the letter L. (to reduce lag)

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