Geometry Dash Lucid Aurora

Geometry Dash Lucid Aurora


Geometry Dash Lucid Aurora by lnayRI/RyanAB is a standard level that has received three stars and three user coins. By playing our Geometry Dash Evolution of Flying game, you can play a lot more games like this one. Enjoy!

How to play

Leap and jump on yellow rings by clicking or by using [up] [w] [space] [ctrl] [shift].

Avert the spikes.

Hold to fly up and release to fly down in ship mode.

To jump high, strike a yellow pad.

Jump higher by striking a blue pad. Without a gravity portal

Collect the coins to earn extra points.

The effects switch is set to L. (To lessen lag)

B will toggle the background. (This may also reduce lag.)

The Cloud is functional, but it only saves two scores.

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