Geometry Dash Lion

Geometry Dash Lion

ROAR! Destriv's Geometry Dash Lion is an epic easy demon level rated 10 stars, with credit to griffpatch for the GD v1.5 project. The gameplay in this free infinite runner game is really straightforward. Drive a Merry Square across a hostile environment filled with traps and perilous obstacles. To avoid the spikes and have the longest potential survival, time the jump. Even though it looks straightforward, the task is surprisingly difficult. An error or incorrect computation leads to impending death and the need to restart. It will take effort and time to develop the required flair. But making a great effort to achieve new goals is always worthwhile.

How to play

  • The player jumps and lands on yellow hoops by clicking or pressing [up] [w] [space].
  • Avoid the game's spikes.
  • In ship mode, players push a yellow pad to jump high and a blue pad to jump even higher. Players hold to fly up and release to fly down.
  • Players must collect coins and press L to turn on the effect in order to earn bonus points.

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