Geometry Dash Howneon

Geometry Dash Howneon

Geometry Dash Howneon by Adriam71 is a harder level rated 6 stars and 3 user coins. Your adorable little square creature is eager to go on! However, there are several impediments in its path. It's your responsibility to keep it going and alive. Your objective in this game is to advance to the finish line while completing each level without dying.

How to play

  • Jump by clicking or pressing [up] [w] [space], then touch the yellow hoop to land.
  • Avoid thorns
  • In ship mode, the player holds to fly up and releases to fly down.
  • The player presses on the yellow pad to jump high.
  • The player taps on a blue pad to jump higher (missing gravity portal).
  • To earn bonus points, collect coins.
  • Press L to switch between effects.

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