Geometry Dash Homura

Geometry Dash Homura


This demo level, named "Geometry Dash Homura," only requires three user coins and ten stars to complete. You may access the game in the free-to-play Dash Games section of our website. Let's get to it. What are we waiting for? Best wishes for a wonderful time!

How to play

A player can leap by pressing [up] [w] [space] or clicking, and they gain extra points for jumping between yellow circles. 

Carefully navigate around the spikes. 

When the controls are pressed and held, the ship moves up. When they are let go, the ship moves down. 

A high jump is achieved by pressing a yellow pad. 

For a higher leap, press the blue pad (missing a gravity portal). 

Grab the coins for more credit. 

Toggle effects with a press of L. (to reduce lag)

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