Geometry Dash eternity

Geometry Dash eternity

Geometry Dash Eternity by Alkali and Tinymanx is a harder level rated at 6 stars and 2 user coins. In this game, familiarity with the landscape is crucial. Make mistakes and learn from them so you can memorize the map. Jumping blocks and anti-gravity blocks are two types of special blocks. You'll need to pick up the pieces one by one, then put them together to succeed.

How to play

  • Press [up] to repeatedly jump through the yellow hoops. [w] [space]
  • Stay away from the game's spikes.
  • When in ship mode, pressing and holding the button causes upward movement, and releasing it causes downward movement.
  • If you want to make a big jump, press the yellow pad.
  • The pressing of a blue pad increases the height of the player's jump.
  • Gather coins for the extra points!
  • Activating a different result is as simple as pressing

You can create your own virtual universe in Geometry Dash AI Inc if you find this space game enjoyable.


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